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My extensive translating and working experience in my fields of specialization (finance,marketing, business) ensures excellent results.

My truly native knowledge of Engish, Greek and Italian and expert knowledge of French, combined with hands on experience in the US, Italy, France and Greece is your guarantee that the translations you will receive will read as if they were originally written in the target language.

There are many fields of specialization, and a truly perfect translation will sometimes require proofreading in the target language by a specialist of the field. For these cases, I work with specialist proofreaders in several areas and also with advertising copywriters that are active in the field to ensure excellent results.

That said, I stress the fact that I work on all projects myself (apart from proofreading and editing) and never subcontract in order to assure reliable, consistent quality.

The end result is a guaranteed perfect translation -on time- that will bring added value to your product or service.

Certification can be provided for Greek - English and English - Greek translations. This means that, upon request, translations can be delivered to you with a lawyer's certification regarding accuracy. Kindly specify if this service is required when requesting a quote as there will be an extra cost involved.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Business (company presentations, tender documents, offers/proposals, textbooks, training manuals)
  • Finance (audit reports, annual reports, accounting standards, brochures for financial services, banking, bank documentation etc.)
  • Telecommunications (tender documents, offers/proposals, websites, presentations)
  • Legal (business, licensing and contract law)
  • Commerce (contracts, banking, transport and financial documentation)
  • Fashion (websites, articles)
  • Advertising and creative texts benefit from the input of a team of copywriters (either native Greek or native English speakers) to guarantee truly excellent results.
  • I also have considerable experience in the following areas: Gas and Petroelum, Navigation, Transport.

    Following is a very abbreviated list of companies I work for regularly:

    Vertaalbureau Snelvertaler

    Translation Agency Fasttranslator,UK

    Ǘbersetzungsbüro Schnelluebersetzer, Germany

  • Additional references are available upon request.

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