About Transhellenic

Transhellenic is Renata Liapis Papadopoulou, U.S. citizen, one Italian/American and one Greek parent, resident of Italy for 14 years, resident of French-speaking Switzerland for 2 years, resident of the U.S. for 15 years, currently residing in Greece since 1992.

NATIVE speaker/writer of English and Greek and EXPERT speaker/writer of Italian and French.

I am a native English speaker because even though I lived in Italy for appproximately 8 months of each year from age 1 to 14, I went to English or U.S. schools and spoke English at home and in my extracurricular environment (my mother worked for the U.S. Corps of Engineers so I spent a lot of time on U.S. bases - especially Camp Darby in Tuscany). During this period of my life I also spent 4 to 5 months of every year with my father in Athens, Greece where I spoke Greek 100% of the time and attended intensive Greek courses. Obviously, I was speaking both languages with an equal degree of fluency from a very early age.

Member of the Panhellenic Association of Translators and the Federation International des Traducteurs (F.I.T).

An experienced translator since 1988 for financial, legal (business and contract law), business and advertising texts and localization - offering expert translation services in the following combinations: Greek to English, English to Greek, Italian to English, Italian to Greek, French to English and French to Greek.

Offering professional translations that are further proofread and/or edited by field specialists, where required and/or necessary. For advertising copy and localization I work with a team of copy writers to ensure truly excellent results. Legal certification is optional and available upon request. Editing/proofreading services also available.